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Known Issues

This document lists notable issues with Ditto at the time of launch.

Some profiles or posts are missing

Ditto reads data from its own database. If you add a list of relays (by visiting "Dashboard" > "Relays" in Soapbox), Ditto will ingest and store all events streamed from those relays. However, some data (especially profiles) may still be missing.

Ditto currently lacks outbox support, so it cannot resolve missing profiles or posts on its own.

If you would like to manually populate the database, you can use nak to copy data from other relays to your Ditto instance.

For example, to copy a user's profile from, run the following command:

nak req -k 0 -a <missing-user-pubkey> wss:// | nak event wss://<my-ditto-domain>/relay

To copy a bunch of profiles at once, use -k 0 and don't specify any pubkey:

nak req -k 0 wss:// | nak event wss://<my-ditto-domain>/relay

See Sync your data between relays with nak for more advice.

Multiple account support is broken

Soapbox support logging in with multiple accounts and quickly switching between, but it is currently broken with Ditto. For now you will need to log out before logging into a new account.

Black screen of death

If Ditto is configured to use a faulty relay, the server can lock up and Soapbox will display a black screen until the server is restarted with systemctl restart ditto. Remove faulty relays from the list to work around this issue.