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Environment Variables

Ditto uses the following environment variables to configure its behavior:


These following variables are required:

  • DITTO_NSEC - Ditto secret key for internal use. Site configuration, NIP-05 grants, moderation events, and more are signed with this key.


These variables configure the HTTP server:

  • PORT - Port for the HTTP server to listen on. Defaults to 4036.

  • LOCAL_DOMAIN - Domain name for the Ditto server, ex Defaults to http://localhost:4036.


  • DATABASE_URL - URL for the Postgres or SQLite database. Defaults to sqlite://ditto.db.

  • PG_POOL_SIZE - Number of connections to the Postgres database. Defaults to 10.


  • DB_TIMEOUT_DEFAULT - Default timeout for database queries in milliseconds. Defaults to 5000.

  • DB_TIMEOUT_RELAY - Timeout for relay queries in milliseconds. Defaults to 1000.

  • DB_TIMEOUT_TIMELINES - Timeout for timelines in the API, eg home, notifications, hashtag timelines, and account timelines. Defaults to 15000.


  • FIREHOSE_ENABLED - Whether to connect to continuously stream data from other relays. Defaults to true.

  • DITTO_POLICY - Policy plugin import. See Policies for more information.