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Running Locally

To get it running, just clone the repo:

git clone
cd soapbox

Ensure that Node.js and Yarn are installed, then install dependencies:


Finally, run the dev server:

yarn dev

That's it! 🎉

It will serve at http://localhost:3036 by default.

You should see an input box - just enter the domain name of your instance to log in.

Tip: you can even enter a local instance like http://localhost:3000!

Troubleshooting: ERROR: NODE_ENV must be set

Create a .env file if you haven't already.

cp .env.example .env

And ensure that it contains NODE_ENV=development. Try again.

Troubleshooting: it's not working!

Run node -V and compare your Node.js version with the version in .tool-versions. If they don't match, try installing asdf.