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Contributing to Soapbox

Thank you for your interest in Soapbox!

When contributing to Soapbox, please first discuss the change you wish to make by opening an issue.

Opening an MR (merge request)

  1. Smash that "fork" button on GitLab to make a copy of the repo.
  2. Clone the repo locally, then begin work on a new branch (eg not develop).
  3. Push your branch to your fork.
  4. Once pushed, GitLab should provide you with a URL to open a new merge request right in your terminal. If not, do it manually.

Ensuring the CI pipeline succeeds

When you push to a branch, the CI pipeline will run.

Soapbox uses GitLab CI to lint, run tests, and verify changes. It's important this pipeline passes, otherwise we cannot merge the change.

New users of may see a "detatched pipeline" error. If so, please check the following:

  1. Your GitLab email address is confirmed.
  2. You may have to have a credit card on file before the CI job will run.

Text editor

We recommend developing Soapbox with VSCodium (or its proprietary ancestor, VS Code).

This will help give you feedback about your changes in the editor itself before GitLab CI performs linting, etc.

When this project is opened in Code it will automatically recommend extensions. See .vscode/extensions.json for the full list.