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Usually the bridge should "just work" automatically, without users needing to do anything. However, below are some tips in case you're having trouble.

From Nostr

If you are a Nostr user and not seeing ActivityPub content:

  1. Have at least one relay added from the list on The main relay goes down sometimes, and it's possible the others listed will be more reliable, so try a different relay.

  2. Follow the users you are trying to see content from. Follow relationships are important on the ActivityPub side, and can affect deliverability of content.

  3. Make sure their server doesn't block Usually servers will publish their blocklists, but sometimes they don't.

  4. Only Mastodon, Pleroma (+forks), and Misskey are tested. We do not support Lemmy and others yet.

From ActivityPub

If you're an ActivityPub user:

  1. Make sure you follow Nostr users you want to see content from. You may only see new posts from users after the point you followed them.

  2. Be aware that Nostr users have to publish to a Mostr relay to see their content. Nostr users may choose not to publish to Mostr.

Found a bug?

If you think you've found a bug, please report it on the issue tracker.