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Updating Soapbox

You should always check the release notes/changelog in case there are deprecations, special update changes, etc.

Besides that, it's relatively pretty easy to update Soapbox FE. There's two ways to go about it: with the command line or with an unofficial script.

Updating with the command line

To update Soapbox FE via the command line, do the following:

# Download the build.
curl -L -o

# Remove all the current Soapbox FE build in Pleroma's instance directory.
rm -R /opt/pleroma/instance/static/packs
rm /opt/pleroma/instance/static/index.html
rm -R /opt/pleroma/instance/static/sounds

# Unzip the new build to Pleroma's instance directory.
busybox unzip -o -d /opt/pleroma/instance

Updating with an unofficial script

You can also update Soapbox using Sandia Mesa's updater bash script for Soapbox FE.

First, download the updater script if you haven't yet: sudo -Hu pleroma wget -P /var/lib/pleroma -N

Then, set the permissions of the updater script so that it can be executed: chmod u+x /var/lib/pleroma/

Finally, go to the Pleroma user's directory cd /var/lib/pleroma and then run sudo -Hu pleroma ./

After updating Soapbox

The changes take effect immediately, just refresh your browser tab. It's not necessary to restart the Pleroma service.