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You can also run more granular commands like this:

yarn masto hello
yarn pleroma hello

yarn masto export:users
yarn pleroma import.users

yarn masto "export:users[local=true]"
yarn masto "export:statuses[local=true&limit=100]"

A query syntax is supported, with these parameters:

  • local
  • limit

The commands correspond to Rake tasks and Mix tasks, for Mastodon and Pleroma respectively.

  • Rake tasks end in .rake and are found in mastodon/

  • Mix tasks end in .ex and are found in pleroma/

The Yarn commands are shorthand for gulp commands:

npx gulp masto --task [rakeTask]
npx gulp pleroma --task [mixTask]

Which are in turn shorthand for commands like this:

cd $MASTODON_PATH && bundle exec rake migrator:[rakeTask]

cd $PLEROMA_PATH && mix migrator.[mixTask]

Notice how all tasks are in the migrator namespace, and the Yarn command conveniently lets you drop them. The task files still need that namespace, however.

The benefit of using Yarn is that it will automatically copy the tasks from this repo into the correct location before running them, as well as move the exported data afterwards.