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Parameter format

Query strings, form data, and JSON submitted via POST body is equally understood by the API. It is expected that query strings are used for GET requests, and form data or JSON is used for all other requests.


An array parameter must encoded using bracket notation, e.g. array[0]=foo&array[1]=bar would be translated into:

array = [


A boolean value is considered false for the values 0, f, F, false, FALSE, off, OFF, considered to not be provided for empty strings, and considered to be true for all other values.


File uploads must be encoded using multipart/form-data.

Nested parameters

Some parameters need to be nested. For that, bracket notation must also be used. For example, source[privacy]=public&source[language]=en would be translated into:

source = {
  privacy: 'public',
  language: 'en',

This can be combined with arrays as well.