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Installing Soapbox via YunoHost

If you want to install Soapbox to a Pleroma instance installed using YunoHost, you can do so by following these steps.

1. Download the build

First, download the latest build of Soapbox from GitLab.

curl -O

2. Unzip the build

Then, unzip the build to the Pleroma directory under YunoHost's directory:

busybox unzip -o -d /home/

3. Change YunoHost Admin Static directory

(A bug documented in the YunoHost deployment about this issue is here)

Go to:

Admin Panel > Settings > Instance

Look for the "Static dir" entry and set it to:


That's it! 🎉 Soapbox is installed. The change will take effect immediately, just refresh your browser tab. It's not necessary to restart the Pleroma service.

Thank you to for discovering this method.